Visa Support

Dear participants!

Please, pay attention to the fact that visa invitation for participants of the Conference will be sent only in case of full hotel payment, suggested by the Organizing Committee. You can book and make payment for the hotel accommodation in your Personal Account.

If you booked a hotel room on your own, please, contact the hotel representatives and apply for visa invitation.

How to get a Russian Visa

Step 1 – Obtaining the Visa Invitation to Russia;
Step 2 – Getting the visa issued by the Russian Consulate;
Step 3 – Registering your visa in the hotel.

Step 1:

  • Decide what type of visa (tourist or humanitarian) is the most suitable for your trip;
    It is quite possible that the type of visa issued will differ from the exact purpose of your trip.
  • Fill in the section VISA SUPPORT all required information and the technical staff of the company Trialogue Ltd. issue the Visa Invitation for you;
  • If necessary (in case the Consulate of your country requests an original version of the Visa Invitation), mark in the comments and the technical staff of the company Trialogue Ltd. will send you the required Visa Invitation

Step 2:

  • Contact your local Russian Consulate in order to determine their requirements for obtaining your visa;
  • Prepare the required package of documents and submit it to the Consulate;
  • Pick up your visa and make sure that the information is correct.

Step 3:

  • You must register your visa in three working days upon arrival in Russia.
  • Exceptions:
    • If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel administration will register your visa for the period of stay;
    • You are not required to register your visa if you stay in Russia for less than 3 days.
General Information Tourist visa Humanitarian visa Business visa
3 steps to obtain a valid Russian visa Tourist Visa for Russia (the easiest way to invite a foreigner to Russia)

Humanitarian Visa for Russia (invitations for Conference participants)

Business visa for Russia (business invitations for foreign citizens)

Visa Application: List of Required Documents
Terms and Prices of different types of visa
Registration of Russian visas and Foreign citizens

Sample of Russian Visa Tourist Invitation (Voucher and Confirmation): sample

Recommendations that can help you to get visa with minimal effort at any Consulate:
You should:

  1. Contact the Consulate to find out:
    • the time frame for processing the visa and the amount of Consular fee;
    • how to submit your documents to the Consulate;
    • which documents you have to prepare;
    • which forms of payment the Consulate accepts.
  2. Prepare all the documents and fill out the Consular Questionnaire. 
    In all cases, you have to present the following papers to the Consulate:
    • Russian Visa Invitation (according to the chosen visa type);
    • Consular Questionnaire (completed, dated, and signed by you);
    • Passport; 
      Important: The passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the expiry date of the Russian Visa!
    • Photo (approximate size 3 x 4 cm or 1.5 x 2 inches.); 
      Important: Some Consulates still issue the old Russian visa format (as a paper supplement to your passport). In this case, it is required to submit three photos. Photos must be matte-finished, not glossy, for the consulate stamp to properly adhere!
  3. Submit the documents to the Consulate.
  4. Pay the Consular fee.
  5. Get the visa and any additional enclosed documents back from the Consulate.
  6. Check that the information on the visa is correct.

Check your Visa

Once you receive your Russian visa, make sure that all the information is correct before leaving the Russian Consulate. Any mistake on the Russian visa should be corrected immediately by the Russian Consulate. A visa mistake could result in delays, fines, or even refusal to enter Russia, forcing you to return at your own expense. 
Important: Mistakes in your visa cannot be corrected after your arrival in Russia.

Sample of the Migration Card of the Russian Visa

Crossing the border

When entering Russia. 
Before ordering your tickets to Russia, please check the start date of your visa. You cannot enter the country before this date.
Once you have exited passport control, check to make sure that the officer stamped your passport and Migration Card.
The stamp must indicate the current date with an arrow directed towards the date DD MM YY D <1, where="" dd="" means="" day="" mm="" month="" yy="" year="" d="" just="" any="" digit="" arrow="" br=""> In case of a mistake immediately contact customs officer to avoid problems with visa registration or the following entry to Russia. 
When leaving Russia.
Before ordering your tickets from Russia, please check the expiration date of your visa. You cannot exit the country after this date.
Once you have exited passport control check to make sure that the officer stamped your passport (The Migration Card must be presented to and kept by the officer. On your next visit to Russia, you will be required to fill out a new Migration Card.).
The stamp must indicate the current date with an arrow directed outwards from the date DD MM YY D >1, where DD means day, MM – month, YY – year, D – just any digit, > – arrow.
In case of a mistake immediately contact customs officer to avoid problems with visa registration or the following entry to Russia.

Please follow these rules to avoid visa problems:

  1. Use Trialogue Ltd. contact information close at hand.
  2. Order the type of visa with a period of stay in Russia that is the most suitable for the purpose of your trip.
  3. Register your visa on time.
  4. Make copies of your visa, passport and Migration Card. Keep them in a safe place.
  5. Staple the Migration Card to a page in your passport.
  6. Do not forget the expiration date of your visa.